We believe that no two buildings are the same.  That is why all of our projects are designed specifically with that in mind.  

The way in which buildings are being controlled is changing rapidly.  Design is becoming more complex, expectation is becoming higher and system integration more frequent.  We have found that even the most dated buildings can no longer escape system integration.  Whether that be metering, lighting control or even underfloor heating.  This is why all of our engineers not only have a proven background in HVAC plant control, but are also fully competent when it comes to system integration.  All of our commissioning engineers are Trend Expert qualified.

We believe in doing things right, this is why all of our work is done in-house.  All system design, electrical installation, panel design/build and commissioning is undertaken by our fully competent and trained engineers.  This helps with lead time and allows us to be very competitive when it comes to pricing.